Heavy duty and reinforced in ensure effectiveness

All manufactured in accordance with BSEN1917, BSEN5911-3 & BSEN5911-4.

Manufactured in accordance with all British Standards

This British Standard, a part of the BS 5911 series, specifies complementary requirements to those in BS EN 1917 for unreinforced and reinforced concrete manholes of circular and rectangular cross-section as provided for in that European Standard.

Carries the British Standard Kitemark logo

This ensures peace of mind when purchasing this product as it has met the necessary requirements to be granted the British Standard Kitemark logo.

Fixed double steps or integrated ladder system

Our manhole rings include fixed double steps or an integrated ladder system for ease or access and safety if and when needed.

Made in modern factory controlled conditions

This is important for complying with UK regulations.

Manhole cover slabs fitted with RD30 lifting sockets

Lifting sockets ensure safe lifting onsite and safe loading and transportation.

Tracy Concrete Manhole ring 3 Image
Tracy Concrete Cover Slab 2 Image
Tracy Concrete Cover Slabs Image
Tracyy Concrete Manhole2 Image
Tracyy Concrete Manhole Ring Image
Tracy Concrete Manhole ring 4 Image

Our Guarantee

British Standard Kitemark approved.