Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

Our galvanised steel water tanks are suitable for a wide range of applications, including agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. Our galvanised steel water tanks are also used for rainwater harvesting and water storage for livestock irrigation, firefighting and pesticide storage. They range in sizes from 5,000 litres to 768,000 litres.

Steel water tanks are the most economical way of storing large volumes of water. They represent the lowest cost per cubic meter of water stored. Furthermore, our tanks are low maintenance with a 30-year life expectancy.

Manufacture of Galvanised Water Tanks.

Made from galvanised steel, the water tanks at Cotterill Civils offer an economical solution for storing water and other liquids. The low cost galvanised steel water tanks for sale are also manufactured to be low maintenance, making them easier for you to keep clean.

Design of Galvanised Water Tanks.

When choosing water tanks, you want to make sure that you choose only the most suitable ones. Our galvanised water tanks are durable and offer high strength, making them an ideal investment for any domestic, agricultural or industrial customer.

The galvanised steel water tanks for sale are extremely flexible and can suit some of the most diverse needs and wants. Any of the galvanised steel water tanks we have in stock can provide a temporary storage solution and are also suitable for exposed areas.

Here at Cotterill Civils, we are proud suppliers of the galvanised steel water tanks which are perfect for storing immense volumes of water securely and cost effectively. Our galvanised steel water tanks for sale are designed to be robust and hardwearing.

Choice of Galvanised Steel Water Tanks.

No matter what size tank you require, you can count on Cotterill Civils to provide you with suitable galvanised steel water tanks that match your exact specification.

At Cotterill Civils, we think nothing less than to provide all our customers with the best service possible, hence why we make sure that you find galvanised steel water tanks that accommodate your individual needs and wants.

The galvanised steel water tanks for sale, here at Cotterill Civils, are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. We also supply anti-algae covers and steel covers.

As with any of the water tanks that we supply, the galvanised steel water tanks are made to last and are renowned for their ability to extend life expectancy. Our water tanks offer an efficient solution for water storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are galvanised steel water tanks?

Galvanised steel water tanks provide an economical solution for storing water and various other liquids.

Designed specifically to hold large quantities, they are commonly used for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications – particularly rainwater harvesting, fire protection, livestock irrigation and pesticide storage.

In certain countries, galvanised steel water tanks are used for potable (drinking) water and wastewater applications too.

Do galvanised steel water tanks rust?

Galvanised steel water tanks are tough, reliable and long-lasting. They are finished with a galvanised coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Most galvanised steel tanks also come with an inner poly-lining, which prevents rusting and corrosion.

However, the lining of the tank could become dislodged, and when the contents stored inside the galvanised steel water tank come into contact with other metals, its effectiveness may be reduced.

Therefore, it’s crucial that galvanised water tanks are properly maintained by qualified engineers to continue their lifespan.

How long will a galvanised steel water tank last?

Unlike plastic tanks that are prone to failure in extreme heat, galvanised steel water tanks have a life expectancy of 30 years or more – as long as they are maintained correctly.

Although galvanised tanks are more durable than other materials, and will maintain their structural integrity for years to come, several factors can affect their lifespan. These include the geographical location of the tank and the use of the tank.

For example, if your galvanised steel water tank is kept near the sea, the salty air will cause it to corrode much faster. Likewise, if the tank is installed on uneven ground, this will affect its stability and longevity.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, if you use your tank for clean water, it is likely to last longer than a tank used to store chemicals. And if a galvanised steel water tank is used for potable water storage, it needs to be fitted with a food-grade tank liner. This will ensure the long-term integrity and prevent oxidised metals from making their way into the water supply.

Are galvanised steel water tanks expensive?

Though it depends on the manufacturing brand, size and style, galvanised steel water tanks are slightly more expensive than their plastic counterparts.

Here at Cotterill Civils, we supply galvanised steel tanks in various sizes – starting from 9,000 litres and ranging up to 512,500 litres.

All our galvanised steel water tanks are strong, long-lasting and easy to maintain. We also guarantee some of the most competitive prices on the market, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your application and budget.

To find out more about the cost of our galvanised steel water tanks, scroll through our online range in full.

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