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Deepstyle 170mm uPVC Gutter Union Bracket

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Union bracket for the Brett Martin Deepstyle uPVC industrial and commercial guttering system. This joining bracket connects lengths of 170mm / 110mm guttering together. The innovative CLIP & SEAL system of this rainwater system innovates on the installation process, making it more straightforward than ever. The system also ensures the product is held firmly in place with a watertight seal.

  • Fully tested for accelerated ageing according to BS EN 607:2004
  • Loading capabilities in line with BS EN 1462:2004
  • High quality product certified by BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Manufacturer’s product code: BR094

Download: Brett Martin Rainwater brochure | Brett Martin Rainwater product guide

Full Description

This Deepstyle uPVC Gloss Gutter System is made from high-strength PVC to offer a sturdy rainwater solution for large industrial and commercial projects.

The system is ideal for larger commercial projects, warehouses, factories, farm buildings and apartments.

How straightforward is the installation of this guttering?

Brett Martin’s rainwater system comes with easy-installation CLIP & SEAL factory installed. The components simply snap together and a strong seal is formed between them at the same time. This makes assembly speedy and simple without having to compromise on rigidity, particularly around fixing points.

The product can also be installed with cordless power tools. Printed on the product itself are guide markings so that you can place the gutter exactly with enough space for it to expand in warm weather.

How do I know what guttering I need for my project?

Selecting the product with the correct capacity is crucial. This is so that it can manage with the amount of rainwater run-off that the roof produces. You should take into account a number of considerations, including:
- The rainfall intensity in the local surroundings
- What you specifically need in terms of rainwater drainage
- How much water run-off there is
- The effective roof area
- Gutter angles and the capacity of gutter flow

We have a helpful guide to give you an idea about which capacity gutter system you should buy.

Brett Martin Rainwater systems are in line with the most up-to-date regulations, which include:
• The Building Regulations 2010
• Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004
• Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012
• The Building Regulations 2010 (ROI)

This product also meets the standards of EN 12200-1:2000 and EN 607:2004. This means that the manufacturing process meets certain requirements. Consequently, the product is effective, keeps its glossy appearance and lasts long.

The Brett Martin range can be combined with other systems from different manufacturers.

Technical Specification

Material: uPVC

Length (mm): 200mm (inside); 150mm (outside)

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