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MDPE Barrier pipe - Puriton 25mm x 50m

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Features and Benefits:
  • Multi-layer pipe construction PE-Al-PE
  • Brown stripes denote a multi-layer pipe
  • Full barrier pipe system
  • Combines the flexibility of polyethylene with the barrier properties of aluminium
  • Safeguards drinking water quality
  • Easy to handle, flexible and lightweight
  • End load resistant system
  • Installation cost savings - no requirement for thrust blocks
  • No requirement to post-wrap the joints
  • Suitable for most common installation techniques
  • Suitable for new and replacement drinking water supply systems
Size: 25mm x 50m

Full Description

Barrier pipe is a reinforced pipe that is used to safely distribute drinking water through contaminated land and brownfield sites. Manufactured by Puriton, our barrier pipe system has a polyethylene core. This is surrounded by a protective metal barrier and covered with another layer of polyethylene. This reinforced pipe protects water supplies against certain types of contaminants that can degrade standard MDPE pipe and place your water supply in danger.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 25mm

Length (mm): 50m

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