5 Benefits of Installing a Liquid Fertiliser Tank

5 Benefits of Installing a Liquid Fertiliser Tank

At Cotterill Civils, we supply fertiliser and molasses tanks in a wide selection of sizes for agricultural use. We stock fertiliser tanks by Enduramaxx in sizes from 4,000 litres to 30,000 litres. This blog is about how the use of a fertiliser tank has significant benefits to agriculturalists. 

What is a fertiliser tank?

Liquid fertiliser tanks are used to store liquid fertilisers, ready for it to be distributed at the appropriate times. Liquid fertiliser is made from a combination of elements such as nutrients and water. This is to ensure that an agriculturalists’ crop receives plenty of nutrition to help them grow and improve their quality. Our liquid fertiliser tanks are also suitable for storing molasses, which is a thick, dark brown liquid harvested from raw sugar during the refining process. It is a vital ingredient in animal food, which makes it an excellent choice for agriculturalists to store in the tank. 

What are the benefits of installing a liquid fertiliser tank?

  1. Safe and secure - Our selection of liquid fertiliser tanks provide a secure and controlled environment to store fertiliser or molasses for agricultural use. The tanks provide a safe environment to house this type of liquid, which minimises the risk of contamination. 
  1. Strong and durable product - They are made from tough and durable UV stabilised polyethene which contributes towards the tanks’ long lifespan. All Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks come with a ten year guarantee, meaning consumers receive an excellent return on investment. 
  1. Rust and corrosion proof - Polyethylene is a rust and corrosion resistant material, meaning the tank will be able to withstand harsh environments. This makes the tanks cost-effective, as it has numerous elements to prolong its lifespan. They are also impact-resistant which means that it is a hugely reliable product, which is a considerable benefit within the agricultural industry.
  1. Design advantages - Our Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks have a ribbed design which provides the product with additional strength. It also gives the tank an approved aesthetic appearance. 
  1. Direct application - There is a stainless steel bolted outlet which can be connected to a distribution system, which means the fertiliser can be directly sprayed on the crops from the tank. This is useful as it makes the process more efficient for farmers, which will save them a considerable amount of time. 

Our selection of Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are a popular choice for farmers who buy from Cotterill Civils. Our team of industry experts can provide knowledgeable guidance and advice regarding the best tank for your application. All of our liquid fertiliser tanks are guaranteed, and offer a safe and secure solution to agriculturalists looking to store fertiliser for their crops. 

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