What is a pump station and why is it useful?

What is a pump station and why is it useful?

Pump stations (also known as pumping stations) are an integral part of underground drainage systems. They are used to transport wastewater and sewage from one location to another, in residential and industrial applications. 

Pump stations are used in both residential and industrial underground drainage systems where there is no direct connection to the main sewer or the main sewer is located on higher ground. 

What is included in a packaged pump station? 

Historically, pump stations were comprised of separate components which made installation lengthy and inefficient. Luckily, we supply packaged pump stations, which are pre-assembled units, and are ready to be installed directly into the system. This is a more cost-effective way of managing wastewater. 

Pump stations include:

  • Macerator or Vortex pump with guide rail
  • Pump chamber
  • Pedestrian rated access cover 
  • Lifting chain and D-link
  • Non return valve 
  • Discharge pipework kit
  • 110mm seal for incoming pipe 

Why is it useful to install a pump station?  

  1. In areas where gravity flow is insufficient, pump stations lift sewage and greywater to higher elevations, ensuring it reaches the main sewer efficiently. They can pump liquids uphill which is particularly useful in areas with hills or elevated terrain. 
  2. A reliable supply of water is provided by pump stations, to residential and commercial areas. They ensure adequate water pressure, which is crucial for effective water delivery to allocated areas. 
  3. By integrating a pump station into a drainage system, public health is protected as it prevents blockages and overflows. This also protects the environment and local wildlife from drinking contaminated water. 
  4. Proper wastewater management extends the life of pipelines, treatment facilities, and other infrastructure components by preventing overloading and reducing wear and tear.

How can we help?  

At Cotterill Civils, we supply a wide range of pump stations suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Our pumping systems are 100% compliant with British Standards and Building Regulations including options for 24 hour waste storage. The team of specialists at Cotterills can provide you with expert advice on a system to suit your needs and budget. Call us on 0121 351 3230

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