Dos and Don’ts of Sewage Treatment Plants and Septic Tanks

Dos and Don’ts of Sewage Treatment Plants and Septic Tanks

A sewage treatment plant or septic tank is a big investment so you want to make sure you look after it. Here’s some handy tips on the do’s and don’t when it comes to looking after your sewage treatment solution:


DO stick to the same brands when using cleaning products as your unit will become quite tolerant to regularly used brands.

DO consider using detergents which contain no phosphates and are environmentally friendly – these are better for your unit.

DO use liquids instead of powders when doing washing and in the dishwasher. As the liquids are kinder to the bacteria in the unit.

DO make sure you are spreading out your washing through the week, opposed to waiting until ‘washing day’.

DO try to use paper towels instead of cloths when wiping surfaces which contain antibacterials, then the paper can go in the bin, and not the drain, preventing these antibacterials reaching your unit.

DO take out a regular maintenance contract, with a qualified expert who will ensure your unit is working properly and reduce the chance of having to take out repair work at a further cost.

DO make sure your tank is compliant with the new septic tank regulation that came into force in January 2020.


DON’T throw any medicines down the sink/loo, as the antibiotics will kill the bacteria in your unit.

DON’T use hand wash dispenses, nearly all of them are antibacterial and will kill the bacteria in your unit.

DON’T empty large amounts of bleach or detergents down the sink/loo.

DON’T use toilet freshener blocks as they are antibacterial.

DON’T pour any chemicals down the drains.

DON’T empty any paint thinners or brush cleaner products down the sink.

DON’T put sanitary items, nappy liners, baby wipes, cotton wool, etc, down the toilet. These don’t break down easily and can cause bad blockages.

DON’T empty cooking oil down the sink, as this oil will coat and smother the bacteria in your unit and block pumps etc.

DON’T pour any milk down the drains as it will strip the oxygen out of the biozone in the plant.

DON’T allow a hot tub or spa to discharge into your unit. The volumes of water are too much and will flush untreated sewage through your unit, as well as the chlorine will kill the bacteria in the unit.

DON’T connect a water softener outlet to the foul drains. The salts involved will kill all the bacteria in the unit.

DON’T connect any surface water or roof drains to the foul system, in rainfall the flows will be too much.

DON’T run the condensate from condensing boilers into your sewage system as it is too acidic.

DON’T allow any unqualified person to tamper with the unit, that includes yourself.

A sewage treatment plant is a living, breathing collection of organisms and it needs to be treated as such to ensure it’s smooth running and efficiency. Misuse can lead to expensive repair costs, so it is in your best interest to treat it kindly!

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