How to minimise the impact of a potential water shortage?

How to minimise the impact of a potential water shortage?

After a record-breaking Easter with temperatures hitting an unseasonal 25C in some parts of the UK, there are growing concerns over the continued lack of significant rain and low river flows. According to a recent survey by the NFU, some farmers are putting in place measures to minimise the impact of another potential dry summer.

Cumulative rainfall totals during April ranged from around 18% of the monthly long-term average in East Anglia to 68% in south-west England. River flows ranged from “below normal” to “exceptionally low” across many parts of eastern England.

Whilst some rain is expected this week, the three-month outlook by the Met Office suggests that higher pressure is more likely than lower pressure, and higher temperatures are more likely than lower temperatures.

Some farmers are still recovering from last year’s exceptionally dry summer and a recent survey by the NFU highlighted that a third of farmers who irrigate crops are concerned they will not have enough water for the 2019 season. The survey revealed that some farmers are contingency planning to meet the short-term risks of water scarcity.

The survey suggests a range of measures are being put in place from changing crop types to trading water or land with water rights. For example, half of the respondents were investing in new irrigation equipment to increase efficiency and one in five were investing in new or additional reservoir storage capacity.

How to minimise the impact of a water shortage?

At Cotterill Civils, we provide a range of solutions for minimising the risk of a water shortage. These include rainwater harvesting, irrigation and water storage lagoon solutions.

Our rainwater harvesting solutions range from small HDPE plastic water tanks to huge below ground tanks. With the right filters, our tanks can also be used to feed livestock. Whatever the requirement, we will have the right rainwater harvesting solution for you. We can also install as well as supply.

We also specialise in water storage lagoons that can be used to cost-effectively irrigate your land. We can supply you with the required membranes to build these lagoons yourself or we can provide you with a complete package, where we design, supply and install a water storage lagoon for you.

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