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Beginners Guide to Silt Traps

So you know you need to install a silt trap but you’re not exactly sure what its purpose is. To bring you up to speed, we’ve created this simple guide.

What is a silt trap?

A silt trap is a ‘basin’-type device that is placed in the upstream of a soakaway crate. Its main job is to prevent any silt, soil, sediment, metals or pesticides (everything unwanted) from entering your water storage system. It does this by temporarily containing the water in the trap, allowing unwanted materials to settle at the bottom of its bucket and separate from the water – it is basically a filter.

Why would I need a silt trap?

You need to prevent unwanted debris such as silt, soil, sediment etc. from flowing into your soakaway crate as this will damage it, as well as reduce its sustainability – you may have to purchase a new one if damage occurs. A silt trap basically ‘traps’ these materials in a basket whilst allowing the filtered water to carry on through your storage system.

What silt trap will I need?

The type of silt trap is dependent on the size of your water storage system, as well as your environment.

For smaller residential applications, the Silt Sentinel 300 series could be the best choice, as it is designed to specifically sit upstream from your water storage system/soakaway crates and filter out unwanted materials on a domestic scale.

When looking at larger domestic applications or small to medium sizes commercial buildings, the Silt Sentinel 500 series is more appropriate.

And then finally, the Filter Trap 500 Series is recommended for larger areas of heavy silt and sand, such as coastal areas – which will prevent 99% of all sediment entering your drainage systems.

How often should I clean a silt trap?

It’s important that silt traps are regularly maintained as failure to do so can result in them becoming ineffective. Silt can build up in your soakaway and eventually block the drainage system entirely. The basket of the silt trap can normally be easily removed to allow you to clean it and then put it back.

How can we help?

We provide a wide range of silt traps, including the Silt Sentinel range, and can provide you with expert advice on what would work best for you and your drainage systems – give us a call on 0121 351 3230.

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