What is MDPE Pipe and why is it useful?

What is MDPE Pipe and why is it useful?

In this blog, the applications of MDPE pipe will be discussed, alongside its benefits. At Cotterill Civils, we stock blue, black and yellow MDPE Pipe in a wide range of sizes and lengths. Read on to discover more about this innovative and dynamic product. 

What is MDPE Pipe?

MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) pipe is a type of plastic pipe commonly used for water supply in residential and commercial applications. It is a durable and flexible pipe that can withstand high pressure and temperature variations, making it ideal for use in underground water pipelines. MDPE pipe is also resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays, making it suitable for use in various applications. Two ends of pipe can be joined together using compression fittings or electrofusion welding.

What are the applications of MDPE Pipe?

  • MDPE pipes are used as underground water mains to connect water sources to buildings or other structures. 
  • They are also used for irrigation systems in agricultural settings. They are ideal for use in large-scale irrigation systems because of their durability and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays.
  • Blue MDPE pipes are used to supply water to swimming pools and spas. They are resistant to chlorine and other pool chemicals, making them an excellent choice for this application.
  • Water Treatment Systems are another application of blue MDPE Pipe, where they are used to transport and distribute treated water. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for use in various water treatment processes.

What are the benefits of MDPE Pipe?

  • MDPE Pipe is superior to other materials such as steel or PVC as it is much more flexible which allows it to be installed easier. This is especially useful with applications which have challenging terrain or uneven ground conditions. 
  • Typically, MDPE pipes are connected using compression fittings, which provide a secure and leak-free connection. These fittings are easy to install and require no special tools or skills. 
  • The colour of MDPE Pipe represents the type of substance it is carrying. This can be either blue for water, black for electrical or yellow for gas. 
  • Medium Density Polyethylene is robust and durable. It is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures, which makes it the ideal choice for many varying environments. 
  • The MDPE Pipe we supply is compliant with BS EN 15494 and BS 6572. 
  • It is WRc tested and WRAS approved. 
  • Our MDPE Pipe reaches 12.5 bar meaning it can withstand a range of pressures.
  • It is corrosion resistant, making it the ideal choice for underground pipe. 
  • MDPE Pipe is chemically resistant, which contributes towards a longer lifespan of the product. 
  • MDPE is a cost-effective material, especially when compared to traditional materials such as copper or steel. It is also easy to transport, which can further reduce costs. This also makes it better for the environment than other heavier materials. 

Overall, MDPE pipes are an excellent choice for water supply due to their durability, flexibility, and ease of installation, and they have been widely adopted by water utilities and homeowners alike.

Here at Cotterill Civils, we have MDPE Pipe available with 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm & 63mm diameter. These sizes are stocked in lengths of 25m, 50m, 100m, & 150m with the exception of the 50mm diameter size which is available in 50m, 100m & 150m. 

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