How to Choose the Right Ducting for your Application?

How to Choose the Right Ducting for your Application?

If you need to run a cable underground to carry power, motorway communications, lighting or utilities, it is imperative that it is run inside a duct. This is to enable you and others to easily identify and access it when needed, whilst also protecting it from damage.

But with a plethora of ducting available in different colours and material, selecting which one is best for your application can seem confusing. Here is some useful tips on the ducting types available to help make your choice easier:

Colour coded ducting

Our ducting is colour coded to suit your specific application. Using a specific colour helps you and others identify its purpose when accessing it. Here’s a quick guide to the colours available and their typical applications:

Electricity – Black

CCTV – Green

Water – Blue

Gas – Yellow

Motorway Communication – Purple

Street Lighting – Orange

Street Lighting (Scotland) – Purple

Traffic Signals – Orange

Telecommunications (BT) – Grey

Flexible ducting Vs. Rigid ducting

Our ducting cable comes in Twinwall HDPE, solid wall Polyethylene and solid wall uPVC system. The type of material you choose will be dependent on your application. In short, rigid ducting is generally used for shorter runs whilst our flexible ducting is designed to suit applications with longer runs. Twinwall duct is used where additional strength is required, such as below paths and roads.

If you’re not entirely sure which ducting you need for your application, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts! We can identify which of our products will meet your specification best, ensuring that you get the most out them.

Meeting industry standards

Depending on its application, ducting may also need to adhere to specific certifications. Manufactured to a high quality standard, our ducting meets the strict regulations of specific industry sectors, such as BBA certification by the highways or ENATS 12/24 Issue 2007/8 for C2 Application. Speak to our team of experts to get advice on this.

Benefits of ducting.

There are countless ways that you could benefit from the products that we supply, here at Cotterill Civils; including the following:

  • Ease of installation
    Our ducting is very fast and convenient to lay. In particular, our flexible ducting minimises the need for bends, which takes time, costs money and can cause cable snagging.
  • Durability
    Made of PVC or PE material, our ducting pipe is strong, smooth, non conductive and does not deteriorate in the ground.Our pipes are guaranteed to last, offering chemical and water resistance. The high compressional strength of our products also makes them desirable.
  • High quality
    Our pipe is manufactured to meet British and European Standards and the strict requirements of various industries. For example, BBA and BS EN1386, ENATS 12/24 Issue 2007/8 for C2 Application and the Electrical Supply Industry Specification for Cable Protection.
  • Selection of sizes
    A ducting pipe is supplied in several sizes; so, you needn’t worry about finding something to suit your specific requirements! We supply the ducting pipe in 50/63mm coils or 94/110mm coils, but if you need something bigger, you could benefit from the 150/178mm x 6m length pipes! Larger sizes are available, so if you’re struggling to find the right ducting pipe for your application, discuss your needs in detail with us today!
  • Colour coded
    Our ducting is colour coded to suit various applications, making it easier for you to choose the right products. Blue ducting is designed to suit water pipes whilst black tends to suit domestic electricity. Perhaps you’re looking for ducting for your CCTV installations or cable TV? For these; you’ll need green ducting. For street lighting, an orange duct is required. This duct can also be used for traffic signals. The purple ducting is used for street lighting in Scotland but is often used for motorway communications.  The grey ducting that we supply is perfect for any BT telecommunications. If you need your ducting to be perforated, we can make an exception- our yellow gas ducting can be perforated before it’s installed beneath the road.

Selecting the right products.

At Cotterill Civils we are always on hand to offer you our expertise should you have any queries. We make sure that you find affordable products to suit your demands and that you receive the best value for your money.

Choose the right ducting for your application today – call us on 0121 351 3230!


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