Please keep safe on your farm

Please keep safe on your farm

Safety is the highest priority of our business. It’s something we feel extremely passionate about. That’s why we’re keen to join in and help promote Farm Safety Week. 

Our background is in farming

Our background is deep-rooted in farming – our business is based on a farm and our MD is a third-generation farmer. We also sell to farmers – over 5,000 of our customers work in this sector. For all of these reasons and more, it’s heartbreaking to hear that during 2018-19 39 people were killed as a result of farming and other agriculture-related activities.

Farming has the poorest safety record

The farming sector has the poorest safety record of any UK occupation. In fact, you are 18 times more likely to be killed working in the farming sector than any other main industrial sector. This needs to change. 

Sadly, the causes of death in agriculture remain consistent. In 2018-19, most incidents were a result of workers being struck by a moving vehicle (14), injured by an animal (9) or falling from height (7).

Please make sure you stay safe. Click here to go to HSE’s website to find out more.