Storm Attenuation Pipes

Storm Attenuation Pipes

Reduce the risk of downstream flooding with our HDPE structured wall pipe

Attenuation is the process of storing and slowly releasing surface water run-off, and is one of the key features of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

For attenuation pipes consider us at Cotterill Civils. We are confident you’ll find an attenuation pipe that suits your needs specifically.

Here at Cotterill Civils, our large diameter storm attenuation pipes are compliant with sustainable drainage systems! With an attenuation pipe from Cotterill Civils, you’ll have the opportunity to store surface runoff water and to release this slowly allowing you to contribute to a larger body of water, without causing downstream flooding.

A storm pipe offers tensile strength and a low density making it a reliable transfer of water. The installation of storm pipes is quick and easy meaning there is less time required to handle them.

Not only can a storm attenuation pipes withstand extreme pressures and impacts, it provides you with a cost-efficient alternative. All our HDPE, polypropylene attenuation pipes are high quality and can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

We offer a wide range of sizes in the pipes we have available, to discuss your personal requirements, speak to one of the experts, here at Cotterill Civils.

Just some of the benefits

High strength

Due to this product’s strength, it is strong enough to withstand extremely heavy vehicle loadings. This has been tested with 100 tonnes.

Fast & easy to install

Due to it’s fast and easy installation, this means less handling time and cost for you.

SuDs approved

Customers can enjoy peace of mind that this product is certified by authorities specifically established to deal with the design, approval and adoption of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

Interested to know more?

Speak to our Storm Attenuation Pipes experts to make sure you get the most efficient solution for your needs

Available sizes

Available in single lengths up to 14 metres versus tradition 2.5m concrete lengths and diameters from 750mm to 3500mm.

J J Davison & Sons

“The pipes Cotterills supplied were of a better standard than ones we’ve previously used. The service is always great and over the years they’ve looked after me and made sure I get the best rate."

– Jordan Davison –

Our Guarantee

Ensure your peace of mind with our 50 year Guarantee.

Storm Attenuation Pipes
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