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Our slurry storage tanks are manufactured by Clearwater and Klargester and are available from 5,000 litres to 40,000 litres. Be sure to check them out below and find the right one for you.

What is a Slurry Tank?

‘Slurry’ is a combination of cow manure and water from washing the milking parlour that’s stored in a special tank (slurry tank) and used as a natural fertiliser for crops. Waste materials from animals are collected beneath barns during the winter (when cattle are kept indoors), ready to be spread in the warmer months. But, before it’s spread, it has to be broken up and mixed – usually in a slurry tank. It’s during the mixing process that odourless and invisible gases are produced.  These can kill within seconds!

Our slurry storage tanks come with a heavy-duty shell, making them suitable for installation in all ground conditions. These tanks also have the option of installing a high-level alarm for peace of mind, as well as a lockable manhole cover for ultimate security.

By their very nature, slurry tanks are dangerous and tend to be deep with vertical sides. Although it may seem obvious, it must:

  • be properly fenced to prevent unauthorised access
  • have appropriate safety signs
  • be equipped with tyre ladders or a knotted rope to assist with escape
  • be fitted with a cover that’s suitable for traffic loads (if underground)
  • have a lifespan of 20 years.

Is a Slurry Tank right for me?

Having enough slurry storage on your farm gives you control when fertilising crops – allowing you to apply manures as and when required to grow, whilst minimising environmental risks.

Whether you’re a dairy or livestock farmer, we have the ideal storage tank for your manure management operation. All our silage and slurry storage tanks are designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN S6297 and EN 12566-1 approved – so no need to worry about the legal stuff. As well as these, we also offer two pesticide storage applications which are steel cupboards and walk-in secure steel stores.