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Gain from rain

Recover up to 40% of your water usage with a rainwater harvesting system.

Quick assembly

There is no need to construct the tank as it is already erected and free standing, allowing you to harvest your water immediately.

2 year guarantee on the tank

A guarantee has been placed on the tank for peace of mind. Your rainwater harvesting system will, however, continue to save you money for years to come.

No electricity required

No electricity is required, meaning zero energy costs and less harm to the environment. This is important for meeting environmental objectives and complying with initiatives.

Instant rainwater harvesting

Once the system is assembled, you can begin rainwater harvesting immediately and generate cost savings straight away.

Adaptable to any size restriction

This product is designed to retro-fit to most commercial buildings and warehouses, which means anyone can benefit from rainwater harvesting.


The simplicity and ease of this product accommodates many customers -specific technical knowledge and training is not needed to get the most out of rainwater harvesting.

Increases the efficacy of agrochemicals

Protects against water shortage

Reduces water bills

Meets environmental initiatives

Preferred drinking source for livestock

Boosts farm water pressure

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