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A15 Composite Locking Manhole Cover - 600mm x 600mm

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A15 Composite Manhole Cover

This manhole cover is made from composite material, capable of withstanding a 1.5 tonnes test load. This manhole cover is for use in areas where only pedestrians and cyclists have access to.


  • Manufactured to BS EN124 class A15
  • Kitemarked for third party assurance of quality.
  • Single seal versions are airtight when packed with grease.
  • Frame is lockable, increasing security
  • Suitable for Group 1 - Areas accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists
  • Child-secure
  • Anti-corrosion

Full Description

We supply a wide range of manhole covers to suit your needs. This light-duty, A15 composite locking manhole cover measures 600mm x 600mm – suitable for areas where only pedestrians and cyclists have access to.

Why purchase an A15 composite manhole cover?
A15 composite manhole covers can withhold up to 1.5 tonnes of weight, allowing for use in pedestrian and cycle-accessible areas. These covers are lightweight due to their composite nature, allowing for easy installation, as well as regular maintenance and service as these composite manhole covers can be lifted by a single person.

These A15 manhole covers are also childproof, and secured by 2 or 4 screws, allowing for piece of mind, as well as being tested to an EN124 British Standard.

Why purchase an A15 composite manhole cover made by Eccles?
Eccles have created an amazing range of solid top manhole covers- utilising an innovative reinforced fibre resin composite material. These composite manhole covers offer exceptional performance, as well as a high-quality grade of manufacture and production.

Eccles have years of experience supplying anti-slip heavy duty manhole covers, offering excellent solutions to a premium finish whilst meeting British Standards – it is awarded the EN124 British Standard. Eccles are working towards environmental sustainability and technical quality with all their manhole covers.

These composite manhole covers are lightweight allowing for easy movement by a single person, cutting down on installation cost and time.

Eccles’ A15 composite manhole covers are some of the best manhole covers out there – be sure to order yours today.

What are the benefits of A15 composite manhole covers?
We find our customers like our range of Eccles A15 composite manhole covers due to their ease of installation, high-specification and exceptional design.

Single man lift
Clear opening access point
Safe working environment
Saline/corrosion resistant
Zinc free
Standard: BS EN124-2

Technical Specification

Material: Composite

Load / Load Rating: A15

Clear opening (mm): 600 x 600mm

Base size (mm): 650 x 650mm

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