Crop Ventilation – SpudVent

Crop Ventilation – SpudVent

Get the maximum profit from your crops with SpudVent™

After working hard all year to produce the best crops, the last thing you want is for them to spoil in storage.

Why choose this crop ventilation system?

10 times cheaper than wooden boxes*

SpudVent™ is a far more cost effective solution – it’s 10 times cheaper than using traditional wooden crate boxes.

(*Based upon 1000 tonnes of potatoes in store, where 1000 tonnes requires 1000 boxes)

Virtually indestructible

SpudVent™ is designed to withstand the massive weight of your potatoes as well as the knocks and bumps from teleporters and loading equipment. See our video below.

Re-usable year on year

You can keep using SpudVent™ year after year, simply keep pulling the duct out as you work down the store. Keep it in the dark as much as possible and then use it again next season.

360 degree airflow prevents decay

The smooth inner wall construction and 360 degree unrestricted airflow of SpudVent™ ensures excellent ventilation, reducing crop shrinkage, sprouting and decay.

Lightweight & easy to handle

SpudVent™ is lighter than steel and kinder to handle making for a much faster and more pleasant experience setting up your store.

Perforations to suit

We can work out the total air escape area in the pre-perforated pipe or supply solid pipe for bespoke perforations.

Interested to know more?

Speak to our Crop Ventilation – SpudVent experts to make sure you get the most efficient solution for your needs

The toughest pipe available

The last thing you want is to find broken pieces of plastic mixed in with your potatoes.

You need pipe that will withstand the massive weight of your potatoes as well as the knocks and bumps they may encounter from teleporters and loading equipment.

We've tried to break it... and failed!

We put SpudVent™ to the test. We tried everything to break it, including placing immense pressure on it with a case loading shovel.

But it was unbreakable – watch the video. What makes it different to any other pipe is its construction. 

J J Davison & Sons

Large commercial farmer

“If you’re converting an existing store or farm building into a potato store, SpudVent™ is a great cost effective solution. This pipe is much better than using wooden ducting as it reduces the chance of foreign objects in the crop.”

– Jordan Yoreanov –