Consistent long-term performance

Designed to provide edge restraint in pedestrian vehicular application

We offer a range of concrete kerbs, channels and edging to suit your specific requirements. These are produced to adhere to the requirements of the current version of BS EN1340, British Standard Kerb.

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What is a kerb?

    A kerb is the raised edge of a road or pavement, or where a road meets another road.

Why use a kerb?

    Kerbs have a variety of functions. It can be used to deter members of the public from parking or driving on the pavements or your lawns. They also provide a structural support to the pavement. Kerbs can also function as a channel runoff for water from rain or snow, where they have a gutter or drain placed adjacent, and then the road and lavement angled to ensure the water runs off to the drain. There is also the aesthetic aspect of kerbs that complete the look of a road or pavement making them look finished.
    Kerbs can also help increase safety. For example in low-speed areas they channel traffic and redirect the capacity for impacts. Whilst in higher speed areas the main usage is to provide drainage and also help minimise erosion risk. Kerbs tend to not be used in rural areas or high speed roads due to them causing rollover crashes.

What are the different types of kerbs?

    There are various types of kerb, categorised by shape, material, height and whether the kerb itself is combined with a drain. Kerbs come in vertical-faced version or square versions, also you can get slope-faced kerbs. So what type fits your needs needs to be considered when thinking about what kerbs to install.

What are the benefits of our kerbs

    Our kerbs are edge resistant, and are designed to provide edge restraint in pedestrian vehicular application, whilst also complying with the british standard for kerbs.They can also be suited to your application through a range of accessories including droppers, crossing kerbs, radius kerbs, quadrants, transition kerbs, angles, offlets, marginal strips and marker channels.
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Just some of the benefits

Edge resistance

Designed to provide edge restraint in pedestrain vehicular application

Complies with British Standards

British Standard kerb is a cost effective kerb for all applications.

Range of accessories

Range of accessories to suit a variety of applications including droppers, crossing kerbs, radius kerbs, quadrants, transition kerbs, angles, offlets, marginal strips and marker channels.

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