The strongest duct access chambers to give you the ultimate flexibility when installing cabling

We supply a wide range of duct access chambers to suit your specific requirements. Our high quality duct access chambers allow access to underground utility services such as electric, telecoms and fibre optics.

Our duct access chambers include twin wall modular systems as well as non-structured chamber systems. They have been approved for use by local authorities nationwide and has been specified extensively in numerous traffic signal and cabling situations, from major motorway junctions to high street pedestrian crossings.

Quick construction

Our chamber systems are simple to construct and install, helping reduce install times and costs.


Our high quality chambers are designed to be lightweight and strong.

Environmentally friendly

Our chambers are manufactured from 100% recycled material.

High quality

Our systems are approved for use by local authorities nationwide and many utilities. They also meet with NJUG guidelines.

Various sizes

We have a wide range of sizes available to suit your requirements.

Structural chamber system

These twin wall access chamber systems comprise of high quality polypropylene modules, assembled into ring sections prior to delivery.

The system offers raising ring and duct entry ring sections. Each ring comprises male and female ‘quick-click’ connections enabling you to quickly stack them in an array of arrangements and allowing the positioning of duct entry sections to accommodate varying depths of ducting.

  • Structural high strength without concrete surround
  • Lightweight but strong thermoplastic Polypropylene (PP) material
  • Assembled in 150 mm increments
  • Vertical load tested to D 400 (40 tonnes)
  • 64 mm & 114 mm Diameter preformed duct entry points option

To view sizing available, please click here.

Non-structural chamber system

These easy to install chamber systems are manufactured in one piece sections by rotational moulding for strength and rigidity.

Made up of single stacking sections, these systems can be stacked up to three sections high. Each section has pre-trepanned duct entry profiles for ease of pipe insertion.

  • Tapered interlocking skirt for stacking integrity
  • Precision duct entry cut-outs
  • Designed to ensure NJUG recommended depths of cover
  • Cover and frame height and tilt adjustment
  • Corrosion resistant

To view sizing available, please click here.

Other products

We also supply a wide range of ducting and other complementary products. These include:

  • Flexible and rigid ducting
  • Composite covers
  • Sealed duct plugs
  • Precast concrete marker blocks
  • Draw cord
  • Warning tapes
  • Cable guard
  • Hockey sticks

Please ask us about these products when you call.