Heatwave drives sales of water storage tanks

Heatwave drives sales of water storage tanks

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen the demand for our plastic HDPE water storage tanks more than double due to the continued heatwave. And with the Met Office reporting that temperatures are likely to stay above average until October, we’re not expecting to see a slowdown in sales anytime soon.

Record demand for rainwater harvesting solutions

This summer we’ve seen record temperatures across the UK with many comparing it to the summer of 1976 when the UK heated up to over 32 degrees for 15 consecutive days. As a result, some water companies have been forced to implement hosepipe bans. Whilst the hot weather has been great for those holidaying in the UK, it has more not been so good for others, such as farmers who have struggled to feed their livestock or keep their crops sufficiently watered.

With drought like conditions affecting many parts of the UK, we’ve seen an increased demand for rainwater harvesting and water storage solutions. What’s great about harvested rainwater is that not only is it free but by collecting it you are providing yourself with an independent water supply during drought conditions and it also supplements the mains supply, saving you money. Collecting rainwater can also assist in mitigating the flooding of low-lying areas.

Harvested rainwater is suitable for many applications, including toilet flushing, wash down/pressure washing of yards and vehicles, irrigation, dust suppression, agricultural spraying and the watering of livestock.

Plastic HDPE water tanks proving popular

We offer a range of solutions but we’re finding that our plastic HDPE water tanks are proving extremely popular due to their cost effective nature. These storage tanks fit to a stormwater drain from your roof and allow for the falling rain to enter through a filter that removes leaves and other debris. They are particularly effective when used on industrial and farm buildings due to their large roof spans, which allow significant amounts of rainwater to be collected.

Andrew Cotterill, MD at Cotterill Civils, commented: “This summer’s record temperatures has been a real wake up call for many. With heatwaves predicted to become the norm in the future it has highlighted the need for farmers and businesses to take decisive action to minimise the impact of future droughts. We’ve seen definitely seen this reflected in our sales of water storage tanks.”

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