What’s your New Year’s resolution?

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

New year, new start! Let’s face it we were all glad to see the back of 2020. Things are looking brighter though and with the start of a new year, we asked the team at Cotterills what their own goals and resolutions are for 2021 in the hope it might give you some inspiration too!

Being mindful

Many of the team were keen to focus on more mindful goals. Our MD, Andrew Cotterill, said: “Last year I felt I spent too much time rushing around at “weeds” level and not dedicating enough time to thinking at a higher perspective. This will be a focus for me in 2021.”

Our Group Compliance Officer, Mark, commented: “This year I want to be rushing around less and instead spend more time appreciating what’s going on around me.”

Trying new things

After a bleak 2020, many were keen to focus on trying new things once normality returns.

Our Marketing Assistant, Izzie, planned to pull out all the stops when it came to making changes. She said: “I think for me making my bed each morning is going to be my goal for 2021!”

Whilst our Finance Director, Clare, said: “I miss the sun! As soon as we’re allowed to travel abroad again, getting away will be top of my list, especially after my Greece holiday was cancelled last year!”

Our Sales Executive, Corey Jenkins, also wanted to focus on making new changes. He said: “I’ve really enjoyed walking more during the lockdown so I want to make sure I continue to keep this up as well as make the time to read more when the restrictions ease.”

Being healthy

Food, drink and health were definitely a focus too. With our Project Administrator, Freddie aiming to get his “body fat down to 10%” to be beach body ready!!”

Joe Brown, our Sales Director, said: “Fitness will be a real focus for me this year. Once the gyms are back open, I plan to be one of the first ones there!” 

Danielle Cardin, our Sales Executive, commented: “My plan to drink more water and stop snacking at work so much but it’s so hard when the rest of the team are bringing in such yummy treats all the time!”

Other new year resolutions included:

  • Try to focus more on the present and worry less about what could happen
  • Get back to being able to run 10k 
  • To get to know our customers better
  • Cook one new thing every week
  • Read positive news stories opposed to surrounding myself in negativity
  • Clear out my wardrobe
  • To make the most of having one walk a day
  • Drink less alcohol (lockdown may not be aiding this however!!)

As you can see there’s a mix of goals going on in our office from health related queries to working on mindfulness and taking some ‘me’ time, and we’ll all be holding each other accountable to them. 

It’s important to take some time to evaluate what is important and to set goals to get to where you want to be. What’s your new year’s resolution?