New change in legislation could positively impact your business

New change in legislation could positively impact your business

Currently, weddings have to take place under solid structures, meaning marriages in gardens, on farms and under marquees are prohibited, but this could all change. Soon the 180 year old law that stops people marrying outside could be overturned, as it already is in Scotland.

With the cost of weddings rising, the average wedding now costs over £30,000, with an average of over £6,000 spent on venue hire. In the recent budget*, the Government asked the Law Commission to propose options for “a simpler and fairer system to give modern couples meaningful choice.”

The proposed new legislation is an attempt to keep the cost down and reduce the burden on those wishing to tie the knot. In American and Australian, outdoor weddings are already seen as the norm.

So if weddings could soon be held outdoors, how could this positively impact your business?

Unused farmland is the perfect location

Farmland that isn’t in use with picturesque views could be the perfect place to host a wedding. So when the new laws come into play, perhaps it’s worth considering this as a new revenue generating option. Perhaps, you could install a temporary marquee during the summer months or install a glamping site that could accommodate overnight wedding guests. These could all provide couples with a more cost effective and fun means to host their wedding.

How could we help you?

Here’s just a few things you may need to consider:

1) Convert unusable land into the perfect spot for a wedding

Your land, that’s waterlogged and unusable, could be the new coolest wedding spot. With land drainage you could make that land usable again. Land drainage can improve soil structure and quality, whilst increasing yields up to 150%, so not only could you have a lucrative wedding spot but also bring the land back into action and farm on it again.

If you want to speak to one of our experts and get your land back into action give us a call today on 0121 351 3230!

2) Sewage facilities for wedding guests

Not only do weddings need a venue to take place in, there is also the need for running water, and bathroom facilities. A sewage treatment plant is necessary in remote locations for catering to large events, such as weddings, and with weddings soon going to be held outside, large numbers of people can attend. And with large numbers of people comes a need for sewage treatment.

Check out an example of a sewage treatment plant we’ve installed at a wedding venue before:

At Cotterill Civils, we not only supply sewage treatment plants, we service and install them! Call one of our sewage treatment experts, and we’ll transform your business, on 0121 351 3230!

3) Convert or add a new farm building to host the wedding

Your land could be transformed into a gorgeous wedding venue, to have a reception in after an outdoor wedding. Farm buildings are trendy places and people love to hold their weddings in large open spaces. By building a superstructure you could have your own a money-marking venue, for not only weddings, but various events such as birthday parties or christenings.  You could also renovate old unused farm buildings, which need a little TLC, to make a gorgeous space for events such as wedding receptions or parties.

Here at Cotterill Civils we can provide every step of the process, from the ground works, to the drainage and specialist foundations. We’re experts at what we do – we’ve been constructing farm buildings for over 30 years. Give us a call to start your new business venture today 0121 351 3230!

This change in legislation could be the perfect business opportunity for you. 

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