Improvements to your customer experience

Improvements to your customer experience

We’ve recently made some big improvements to our website to make it easier and quicker for you to find the products you need.

Your user experience is of the utmost importance to us, whether that’s on our website, over the phone or in-person. It’s what differentiates us from anyone else. We focus not just on providing you with cost-competitive products but also the complete experience – from having access to specialists at the end of the phone, who can offer you expert advice, to reliable and fast delivery.

We believe the better your experience it is, the more likely you are to use us again or recommend us to someone else.

One of the things we focus on is making sure we always take the time to listen to our customers. We’ve recently used this feedback to update the following areas of our website:

1. Website navigation
We’ve given this a complete overhaul and split it into more relevant product categories. We’ve also changed the drop-down menu to give you better visibility of our products so that you locate them faster.

2. Better shopping experience
We’ve improved our shop to make it a more intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience.

We are always looking for ways to further improve and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please email us your feedback to