Sewer Pipe

Sewer Pipe

PVC Sewer pipe is now the most widely used drainage system for housing and light commercial applications.

Cotterill Civils has a comprehensive range of underground sewage pipes. The sewer pipes we supply are made from PVC rather than clay, they are a more reliable alternative and offer advantageous properties.

A sewer pipe from Cotterill Civils is particularly desirable for its lightweight qualities which make it somewhat easier to handle. As well as this, the installation of a sewage pipe requires no downtime, you can count on us to provide you with a quick drainage solution!

When it comes to pricing, rest assured, all our products are priced competitively, this is why we provide you with excellent value for money. If you need a solution that’s flexible to suit the demands of your home or business, you’re in capable hands with Cotterill Civils.

We are able to carry waste generated from homes and small businesses to the nearest sewer where all waste products can be deposited. With an underground sewer pipe from Cotterill Civils, you needn’t worry about longevity because our products are designed to have a long-life expectancy.

Here at Cotterill Civils, we manufacture and certify each and every one of our sewage pipes to meet the required standards!

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Just some of the benefits

Lightweight & easy to handle

It’s lightweight and ease of handling makes it the quickest drainage solution today.


Its flexibility makes it much more tolerant to ground movement than traditional clay materials.

Alternative to to clay

PVC pipe has been used as a recognised alternative to clay for over 30 years.

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Barnsley County Council

“Cotterills were really helpful all the way through, we had to make a few changes along the way and they were able to assist us in doing so. The road had to be closed and they were able to get the pipe to us on time as requested.”

– Martin Sunderland –

The Environment Agency

“Cotterills got us what we needed in the project time specified. I found them extremely helpful, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

– Seb Bishop –

J W Conservation

“Cotterills’ service was fantastic and I would definitely use them again. They kept us up-to-date with delivery times and took the time and effort to make sure the delivery was carefully managed from start to finish. What’s more their courteous delivery driver helped offload the pipes safely for us.”

– Bill Baumber –