­Inspection Chambers

­Inspection Chambers

For use in 110mm drainage layouts with a choice of maximum invert elevations to cover level of 0.4m and 0.6m.

The Inspection Chamber is ideal for any residential project.

An inspection chamber is an example of one of the underground drainage systems we have available at Cotterill Civils. It’s essential you test, inspect and clear blockages within pipes in order for the chamber to function efficiently.

A drain inspection chamber can offer on-site efficiency, allowing you to keep your waste to a minimum. As well as this, our inspection chambers are extremely versatile, making it ideal for various applications and locations.

If you’re looking for a flexible drainage solution that’s effective, consider our plastic inspection chamber – it is water-tight so you needn’t worry about there being any leakages!

An inspection chamber is strong and lightweight allowing you to maintain high standards. It goes without saying that Cotterill Civils inspection chambers are easy to fit, saving you time! We supply inspection chambers to provide high resistance against impacts, so rest assured your drainage solution will be long lasting!

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Just some of the benefits

On site efficiency

A choice of invert elevations reduce the need to cut chambers to size so there is less on site wastage.

Flexible choices

Supplied as a complete assembly to streamline product sourcing and simplify product management and inventory. Multiple cover options for hard landscaping, soft landscaping and driveways

Ease of installation

Tilt action enables easy levelling on sloped surfaces.

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J W Conservation

“Cotterills’ service was fantastic and I would definitely use them again. They kept us up-to-date with delivery times and took the time and effort to make sure the delivery was carefully managed from start to finish. What’s more their courteous delivery driver helped offload the pipes safely for us.”

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