Irrigation Pipe

Delivering the required flow of water direct to your crops

Ideal for field irrigation, greenhouses and horticulture.

When transporting water to crops directly, consider an irrigation pipe from Cotterill Civils. We provide a range of pipes that make the transportation of water easy and reliable.

When the ground is arid, your crops won’t grow, which can lead to a lack of profits. With field irrigation, you have the opportunity to regularly water your crops ensuring that you achieve maximum crop yield, using one of our irrigation pipes!

For greenhouse irrigation, Cotterill Civils can provide an irrigation pipe to provide crops with sufficient water and nutrients, in order to grow. The pipes we supply are resistant to corrosion, so you needn’t worry about them being affected by weather and other external factors over time.

We have an extensive range of irrigation pipes for you to choose from, these are available in various sizes, lengths and widths and can suit your needs specifically.

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Easy transportation

This product is easier to transport than PVC alternatives – the coils fit in any truck bed.

Corrosion resistance

The polyethylene pipe does not rust, rot or corrode.  It is resistant to biological growth. This means an extended service life and long term cost savings.

Long service life

This polyethylene pipe is a safe and durable product, ideal for your piping infrastructure. The service life of polyethylene is estimated to be between 50 to 100 years, depending on application, design and installation.

Environmentally friendly

In addition to its outstanding physical characteristics, polyethylene is recognised for its minimal impact on the environment.

J J Davison & Sons

“The pipes Cotterills supplied were of a better standard than ones we’ve previously used. The service is always great and over the years they’ve looked after me and made sure I get the best rate.”

– Jordan Davison –

J W Conservation

“Cotterills’ service was fantastic and I would definitely use them again. They kept us up-to-date with delivery times and took the time and effort to make sure the delivery was carefully managed from start to finish. What’s more their courteous delivery driver helped offload the pipes safely for us.”

– Bill Baumber –

Birch Hall Farm

“We expect our rainwater harvesting system to pay for itself within the next 5-8 years. I would happily recommend Cotterills to other farmers. Nothing was ever too much trouble and their down to earth approach meant they were a pleasure to work with.”

– Andrew Gilman –

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