Simple, yet effective solution for your yard drainage

Lightweight Lightweight

This solution has easier lifting and handling than comparative products, which is important for transportation and also ease of installation.

Large sump capacity Large sump capacity

This solution has a large sump capacity, allowing for silt build up, in turn reducing flooding and increasing overall effectiveness.

Capability Capability

With a 400 metres draining capability, this solution allows you to take a large amount of surface water from the yard.

Rodding access Rodding access

This solution has been manufactured to include an efficient rodding access to outlet the drain and stop blockage. This means less maintenance and higher performance.

Trapped outlet Trapped outlet

This solution has also been manufactured to Include a  trapped outlet to prevent unwanted odors and to increase hygiene.

Silt prevention Silt prevention

This solution is extremely Efficient at trapping silt to prevent it entering the drain. This is important because this increases the products performance and will continue to drain the yard for longer.