The ultimate linear drainage system solution

Strong but gentle on the environment.

Available sizes

Width sizes:- 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm
Depth sizes:- 100mm to 500mm.

High compressive strength High compressive strength

The cement-bonded material with a high proportion of fibres enables thin-walled channels with a particularly high compressive strength. The particularly flat inner surface of Filcoten channels achieves the best flow characteristics and self-cleaning effect.

Temperature, frost and UV resistant Temperature, frost and UV resistant

Since Filcoten channels are made of cementbonded fibre composites, they react to changes in temperature in the same way as the surrounding concrete bedding. This achieves a monolithic unit and a long service life for the channel system. Resistance to frost and de-icing salt down to –40o has been demonstrated.

Lower transport costs, swifter installation Lower transport costs, swifter installation

Depending on the type of channel, Filcoten channels are up to 70% lighter than conventional concrete channels. This conserves resources and decreases the proportional CO2 emissions. The lower weight also facilitates faster installation on site.

100% recyclable 100% recyclable

Filcoten is free from artificial resins and solvents. The manufacturing and processing focus is on the conservation of resources. Filcoten channel bodies have been bio constructively tested and are recommended on this basis by the IBR (Institute for Biology, Rosenheim GmbH).

Improved impact stability Improved impact stability

The high impact stability of Filcoten ensures greater safety when handling and installing the channels.

Non-flammable Non-flammable

While plastics are flammable, the purely mineral mix of materials in our manufacturing process means that Filcoten does not have a fire load.