Storm Crate Systems


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  • Principle

    Modular cells (crates) made from HDPE material are stacked and interlocked together in a predetermined size excavation to create a 97% void space for stormwater attenuation. The crates effectively make a large tank which is then wrapped in a geotextile membrane to prevent soil and backfill entering the tank. Storm water enters the tank under rainfall conditions and fills up the void space. The size of the tank is calculated first and made large enough to contain all the water from the roof or drainage area. The collected water is then released slowly back to the environment at a controlled rate through a flow control chamber.

  • SuDS compliant

    Our geocellular crate system is approved for use in Sustainable Drainage System applications. It is code now that most new developments should have no greater surface water run off after the development is complete than before it started. Our storm crates can be used for both attenuation as described above, or ground infiltration (soakaway).

  • High strength design

    Designed to withstand up to 80 ton vehicle loadings, our crates offer you the flexibility to install under heavily trafficked areas such as car parks, yards and roadways. We can go even further towards looking after the environment by offering you a recycled material crate for pedestrian and soft landscape areas.

  • Burial Depths

    Depending on specification we can supply you with a crate system strong enough for a burial depth down to 5.4 metres. The minimum amount of cover in a pedestrian area can be as low as 300mm and in a heavily trafficked area 900mm.

  • Save time and money on installation

    Our crates are incredibly easy to install. They are lightweight and very easy to handle. They all stack and lock together quickly so that you can build up your tank FAST.

  • Maintenance Free

    As long as steps are taken to remove silt and grit from the incoming pipework the crate system is virtually maintenance free.

  • Why use Cotterill Civils for Storm Crates

    We will remove the stress from you by working out your requirements for you. We have also had experience of installing storm crate systems so could not be better placed to advise you on this.

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