A cost effective solution for water management

Elevator offers a cost effective solution for water management and in certain circumstances can provide up to a 20% saving over conventional methods.

Trying to find a solution to prevent the consequences of severe flooding?

Consider Cotterill Civils Stormwater attenuation elevator! When it comes to finding a water management system that you can trust, look no further! We have a wide range of shapes and sizes available, the attenuation elevator is highly flexible and can accommodate for large capacities of water.

The maintenance of the attenuation elevator and access to it is easy, allowing you to sustain high standards and outstanding performance. As well as this, maintaining your Stormwater attenuation elevator will allow you to generate longevity and generate excellent value for money.

So, for a cost-effective solution, choose Cotterill Civils innovative elevator system! Our elevator system can drain surface water effectively.

Just some of the benefits


The modular system allows the construction of any size and shape to suit site constraints and can be supplied with a tank depth up to 2.5m.

Cost Effective

Elevator is a cost effective alternative solution to conventional attenuation systems and can offer up to 20% saving.

Easy access & maintenance

The open structure of Elevator allows easy access for maintenance and inspection, via an inspection well for man access.

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The Problem

Pluvial flooding has become a regular occurrence as our drainage networks become incapable of coping with increased urbanisation combined with climate change.

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