Our vertical tanks can be used for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. At Cotterill Civils, every vertical tank we sell is manufactured by Enduramaxx and made from highly durable plastic (HDPE), ranging in sizes from 150 litres litre tanks for smaller applications, up to 30000 litres litres, catering for all storage needs. Our potable (drinking water) storage tanks are constructed from food grade polyethylene, ensuring durability, and finished with a smooth interior to protect against bacteria growth and to allow easy cleaning.

All are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved and available in black only. Our rainwater and other storage tanks are finished in UV stabilised polyethylene to withstand wear and prevent rust or corrosion, so they can be positioned anywhere. Ideal for spraying or collecting rainwater, these water tanks are suitable for commercial, agricultural and domestic use.