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What are Sewage Treatment Solutions?

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from municipal water, containing household sewage (and sometimes even industrial wastewater).

Building regulations stipulate that foul drainage must be connected to a public sewer unless it isn’t viable – in which case, there are various sewage treatment solutions available. These can be divided into three separate categories:


A cesspool or cesspit doesn’t involve sewage treatment as such – instead, it’s an underground sewage holding tank with no outlet, just an inlet. Sewage flows into the cesspool and is stored here until the tank is full. Once it’s full, it will need to be emptied by a tanker.

Unfortunately, as with other sewage treatment solutions, certain requirements apply if you’re to be permitted by the local authority to have a cesspit installed. It’s often intended as a temporary measure whilst you await the construction of a mains drainage system.

Septic Tanks

Similar to cesspools, septic tanks are found underground but are split into multiple chambers. These chambers allow solids out of sewage to settle and septic effluent to be discharged into a soakaway drainage field.

The primary chamber is where liquids and solids will be separated by gravity. From here, sewage flows into the tank and heavy solids (sludge) sink to the bottom whilst lighter solids, grease, oil and ‘scum’ float to the surface.

As far as sewage treatment solutions go, septic tanks are an excellent choice for single domestic homes, or small developments, and where there is enough porosity in the ground to allow for soakaway.

Sewage Treatment Plants 

Sewage treatment plants allow you to get rid of contaminants from sewage and ensure that effluent water is removed effectively. They offer a modern alternative to other sewage treatment solutions, providing you with a convenient storage solution for water when your main supply is not available or reachable.

We supply sewage treatment plants in an assortment of established brands – including Kingspan, Klargester, Marsh and Clearwater – and sizes, ranging from smaller chambers like the domestic treatment plants (for up to six people) to the high-volume industrial treatment plants which are suitable for more than 50 people.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, this isn’t a problem for the team here at Cotterill Civils because we have bespoke options available, as well as silt filter chambers, silage and slurry storage tanks.

Which sewage treatment solution is best?

All sewage treatment solutions have their drawbacks – whether it be the cost or permit restrictions. However, we find that the best option for most people is a sewage treatment plant.

A sewage treatment plant is a versatile investment. We supply  domestic treatment plants to match the requirements of homes  situated away from drainage mains, and provide solutions for commercial customers too! They produce a greater quality of runoff which means there are fewer restrictions around where you can install one, and they generally accommodate more people.

As we’ve already mentioned, they all have their own set of limitations, so it’s worth clicking on the different sewage treatment solutions and finding out a little bit more about each of them before making your mind up.

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No matter which of our sewage treatment solutions you choose, they each offer exceptional value for money and are guaranteed to sustain a high standard for longer.