Oil tanks featuring bunds – occasionally known as catchpits – are the safest design available for the storage of oil or fuel such as diesel. Providing a secondary containment area to prevent spills and save the surrounding environment from contamination.

Bunded oil tanks are in vast supply at Cotterill Civils, and all are made by top-of-the-range manufacturers, Harlequin. Our bunded oil tanks can be used for agricultural and industrial applications and are available in both vertical and horizontal form. Both our oil tanks and our bunded fuel tanks are available for smaller storage uses – between 350 litres and 1000 litres for example – and larger storage purposes where the tank designs range between 350 litres and 54,000 litres. Our Bunded Oil tanks range from 350 litres to 54,000 litres overall.

Bund Monitor Alarm

Bund Monitor Alarm

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