We provide a range of ductile iron manhole covers to suit your needs and budget.

Our iron manhole covers are supplied in a range of diameters and depths. Each of them can come with integral lifting key holes and anti-movement technology.

What is a manhole access cover?

Access covers are usually found on roads, pavements, footpaths, car parks, driveways and even internal floors. They protect people from falling into man-made manhole holes and provide workers with access to underground services.

They are sometimes used in building projects so construction workers can gain quick easy and safe access to concealed areas, such as wiring, cabling, drainage and heating.

Manhole access covers come with various features. Some can be lifted by one person, and others are purpose-built for everyday use. They can be hinged or lifted out with engineering keys.

Most manhole access covers tend to be square or rectangular and are suited for both indoor or outdoor us. They can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and match in with whichever environment they are installed in – making it less likely that you will notice them when you walk past

What are the benefits of a manhole access cover?

  • Manufactured to high standards – Manufactured in accordance with BS5834 p.2, BS 5834 p.3 and KM93597.
  • BSI Kitemarked –This ensures peace of mind when purchasing this product as it has met the necessary requirements to be granted the British Standard Kitemark logo.
  • Come in various load capacities – You can choose the wheel loads to suit your requirements.
  • Anti-movement technology –To give you peace of mind that it will stay in place.
  • Ductile Iron – Ductile iron improves weight to strength ratio, ensuring your cover can take large amounts of weight and stay intact.
  • Integral lifting key holes – Allowing for easy access, and removal of the cover for inspection of your manhole.
  • Come in various sizes – You can choose the cover length, width and depth that will best fit your manhole.

Why buy them from us?

We provide a range of ductile iron manhole access covers in a range of diameters and depths.

Once installed, they can be easily removed/opened to allow access to underground services, such as drainage or electricity.  Our manhole access covers are heavy duty and reinforced to ensure effectiveness, as well as being manufactured in accordance with all British Standards.