Grass Protection Mesh Overview

Turf mesh or grass protection mesh is used in applications such as lawn protection, as support under rubber matting or for stabilisation. It protects those areas where grass might be damaged with pedestrian use, car parks and high-traffic access routes.

What is Turf Protection Mesh?

Turf mesh is a lightweight plastic mesh that is placed over cut grass for the reinforcement and protection in areas where grass has a high level of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It protects through grass growing through the grids in the mesh, disguising the surface and reinforcing the mesh and making it stronger.

What can Grass Protection Mesh be used for?

It can be used on already established grass and lawns, or newly grown turf. It can be temporarily used as a support or installed with the intention of a more permanent structure.

It is used in areas where there is a high level of traffic on the grass which requires reinforcement to ensure the grass it protected and not worn away by overuse. It can be used in pedestrian areas, car parks, grass access routes, grass footpaths, wheelchair and disabeled access routes to ensure stability and even front lawn parking. It can also be used in recreational areas such as golf courses and playgrounds where the ground is susceptible to damage.

What are the benefits of Turf Mesh?

Turf meshes have anti slip technology, meaning that they reduce the risks of slips and falls when pedestrians are walking over them. When being used in a car park setting they can feature parking markers enabling the display of parking bays and the path of access routes.

The turf protection mesh is also UV stable meaning it won’t break down with sunlight exposure over time, they are also chemically resistant meaning fertilisers and other chemicals used on grass or turf won’t break down the plastic of the mesh. The mesh also exhibits an advanced grid structure which allows roots and grass to interlock with the mesh allowing for increased stability or the grass and land and in turn allowing for vehicles to pass over. The turf mesh can even be used alongside normal gardening procedures such as mowing or fertilising.

Anti slip technology

Manufactured with a EVA foam safety strip that allows customers to reduce the risk of slips and falls on the surface.

Features parking markers

This product also features parking markers to enable the display of parking bays and access routes.

UV stable

This product will not breakdown when exposed to sunlight over time.

Chemical resistant

Will not tarnish or disintegrate by use of chemicals.

Advanced grid structure

The grid structure allows the root mass to interlock with the mesh, creating a stable base for traffic

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