Grass & Gravel Grids Overview

Increase the overall aesthetics of your schemes by utilising naturally occurring materials.

Gravel grids are most commonly used when installing new pathways and driveways. Here at Cotterill Civils, we offer a variety of gravel and grass grids which can be interlocked together to cover any expanse of land – making them hugely versatile. These grids help increase the stability of your land whilst also creating an even surface – they could be the perfect addition to your latest project.

Why use grass or gravel grids?

Gravel tends to spread to surrounding areas and not stay put – this can lead to uneven surfaces and the formation of puddles. Gravel grids provide the solution to these problems by creating an even surface and keeping the gravel contained.

The grids can interlock with each other increasing the surface area. This allows loads of gravel or grass to distribute evenly as it is held within the grids, increasing the stability of the surface.

Installation of grass or gravel grids

Step 1: Ground preparation
Firstly, the area in question needs to be excavated to the correct width and depth for the interlocked grids to fit.

Step 2: Geotextile membrane
Fit your desired brand of geotextile membrane – this is important in order to prevent flooding and gravel seeping out beneath.

Step 3: Lay down grids
Lay down and pin the grass grids (or gravel grids) to the ground and membrane. Pin at one end and then stretch out and pin the other.

Step 4: Fill in the grid
Each section of the grid must have gaps filled in carefully to ensure no part of the grid is raised up.

Then the infill material needs to spread evenly, with each cell full to the brim.

Step 5: Cover the grid over
A layer of material is needed on top of the grid to ensure it is finished. A roll of grass for example in the garden or concrete or bricks, in the case of driveway grids could be used. To ensure there is no space between the top layer and the grids, the grids must be full to capacity.

Lightweight, high strength and durable grids

This product is manufactured with a strong interlocking modular design, resulting in higher durability and strength.

Withstands frost and radiation

This product is able to continue to perform effectively in extreme weather conditions.

100% Eco friendly, being fully recyclable

As this product is 100% environmentally friendly, it complies with current government legislation to promote sustainability.

Greater than 90% open cells for gravel & stone retention

Increased quality to ensure performance.

Maintenance free

Customers can fit and forget grids and mats.

Easy to install

Easy to install and connect to each other interlocking into a strong paving grid.

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