We offer a range of Clearwater and Klargester petrol interceptor and both fuel and oil separators that can be used in a variety of sectors. Our separators will prevent your oil spills contaminating watercourses and groundwater.

Complete with oil alarms and auto closure devices, you can rest assured that our separators will protect you. Our separators come in two variations, Bypass Separators and Full Retention Separators, alongside Grease Traps. Our Full Retention Separators range in size from 170sqm to 15,000sqm.

We also offer Grease Traps that are suitable for carwashes with galvanised steel hinged grates. Full retention separators treat the full flow that can be delivered by the drainage system, which is normally equivalent to the flow generated by a rainfall intensity of 65mm/hr.

They can be used in car parks, roadways, fuel distribution depots, vehicle workshops and forecourts. On large sites, some short term flooding may be an acceptable means of limiting the flow rate and hence the size of full retention systems.