• Silt Sentinel – 300mm Heavy Duty Vertical Silt Trap (With removable silt bucket)

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    • 300mm silt trap
    • 600mm deep catch pit
    • Lightweight
    • Manufactured using high strength polyethylene twinwall
      the unit is extremely robust
    • They save significant amounts of onsite costs as they need no construction due to being one piece unit
    • Designed for siting upstream of small to medium modular/crate type attenuation systems
    • Removable integral silt basket which sits just below the inlet pipe. (The basket capacity is around 22 kilos)

    Options: The unit can be supplied with a lockable 200kn access cover if required and further risers can be installed to increase invert.

    £239.99 (£287.99 incl VAT)
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