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Rainstore - Domestic Rainwater Harvesting (4000 litres)

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Features & Design:
  • Heavy Duty Body
  • Minimal granular surround installation
  • Significant savings on installationa gainst others ystems
  • Corrosion Free-50 year plus life expectancy
  • Integral Filter for filtration of rainwater
  • High Performance Ôintelligent ' pump fitted as standard
  • Floating In-take system ensures the cleanest water is always available from the tank
  • Highly efficient ÔMains Top Up ' system
  • Large lockable access cover as standard
  • Full accessibility to all parts for maintenance
  • Calming Inlet at base of filter outlet pipe to prevent sediment flushing
  • Overflow pipe with vermin grid as standard
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Full Description

Domestic Systems

Application: Designed for installation into existing properties for water supply to toilets and washing machines, as well as use in the garden. In this system, when the water level is low in the underground tank, it is automatically topped up by the mains supply via solenoid valve/switch that is connected to low level monitor inside the tank. This ensures continuity of supply to

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Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 4000 litres

Outlet Invert: 450mm

Inlet Invert: 450mm

Width (mm): 1500mm

Length (mm): 2525mm

Inlet Pipework (EN 1401): 110mm

Outlet Pipework (EN 1401): 110mm

Overflow (o/f): 500mm

Access (A): 900 x 900 mm

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