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24,000 litre Galvanised Steel Water Tank (bottom outlet) Anti Algae Cover

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Features :

  • Robust for exposed areas
  • Large volumes
  • Liners resilient to fertilizers and chemicals
  • Steel lids for security, Health & Safety
  • Kit format so Farmers can build their own tanks
  • Tanks able to link together providing mass water storage
  • Irrigation in HORT can vary from small volume systems to large open field crop irrigation
  • Storage from boreholes, rivers. lakes, water harvesting
  • Temporary storage
  • Galvanised for extended life expectancy
  • Powder coated to suit environment

Full Description

We supply galvanised steel tanks in an array of sizes – from 9,100 litres to over 500,000 litres. Our corrugated steel tanks are designed to hold large quantities of water. And if you need a complete package, we can offer an installation service where we can supply and install your galvanised steel tank for you.

Why choose our galvanised steel tanks?
Designed to last for decades, our corrugated galvanised steel water tanks are incredibly strong and robust. All of our galvanised steel tanks are also available with optional liners and covers to suit your specific application.

All tanks are approved to BS5950 and BS EN 1993 and are either galvanised with lead-free zinc to 275g/m² to EN10142, or powder coated with durable lead-free paint.

All our tanks are also UK Water Research Advisory Scheme approved, certificate number 0807044. They also comply with a minimum safety margin of 40% – this means that the structure is capable of holding a minimum of 40% more water than the actual volume of the tank.

What applications can our galvanised steel tanks be used for?
With a wide range of sizes available in our galvanised steel tank, they have a multitude of applications from simple water storage to industrial-scale firefighting purposes. Our tanks can be also easily be shipped via pallets around the world.

Typical applications include:

Water storage
Dust suppression
Rainwater harvesting
Holiday parks and leisure centres
Humanitarian aid
What are the benefits of our galvanised steel tanks?
Extremely strong and robust
A cost-effective and simple solution to store large volumes of water
Portable to move and reassemble
Easy to install with just 2 people needed to assemble it
Can be shipped anywhere in the world on pallets
Suitable for a wide range of applications
Covers to suit any application: galvanised steel or anti-algae woven polypropylene
10 Year Warranty on panels and liners
What optional extras and accessories are available with our galvanised steel tanks?
Tank Liners

Our tank liners are designed to be resilient to fertilizers and chemicals and are made from a flexible and robust material. Each tank is supplied with a Greenseal EPDM tank liner. This liner offers a strong and more cost-efficient alternative to a Butyl rubber tank liner.

Advantages of our tank liners:

UV and Ozone resistant
Does not harden or crack when continually flexed
Brittle point -40°C
Quick and easy to install
Totally inert, no problems with the leaching of plasticizers as suffered from PVC
Easy to repair with a repair patch

Tank Covers

Our tanks are available with a choice of covers to suit your needs and budget. Please check which cover is included with the tank you have selected and if you would like to change it to a different type, please click the button above to view other tank sizes or call us on 0121 351 3230.

Anti-Algae cover

Designed to cover and overlap the edge of the tank, our woven Anti-Algae cover offers excellent UV protection whilst also preventing Algae growth. It prevents wind-borne debris from entering the tank and allows rainwater to permeate through. Included with the cover is a ball valve flap – this allows access for the supply as well as access for sampling the water

Galvanised Steel cover

We can offer the galvanised steel cover option on all tank sizes up to 14.63 metres (48 ft) diameter. This is supplied with securing straps, central pole, two access hatches and a ball valve bracket.

The steel cover prevents Algae growth and wind-borne debris and rainwater entering the tank. It also prevents evaporation.

Designed to withstand UK wind and snow loadings, the steel cover looks more aesthetically pleasing. It is, however, a more expensive option than the anti-algae cover.


Our tanks can be supplied with no outlet or with a choice of outlet sizes depending on your requirements. Please check the size that comes with the tank above and if you’d like a different size, please contact us on 0121 351 3230 and we can arrange this for you.

Gate Valves

With the 2-4 inch outlets, an optional brass bodied gate valves can be used and are BSP threaded and ideal for isolated outlets.

Tank Enclosures

Pipe feed enclosures can also be supplied and are designed for fixing vertically to the side of the tanks to enclose pipe work entering the tank via a roof or cover. Also pipes can be lagged to in the enclosures for frost protection. The space inside the enclosure can accommodate up to 2 x 63mm pipework. This product also helps with the tampering of the pipework as fully enclosed.

Ladder, Platform and Handrail

We can also supply you with a specifically designed ladder kit for access and inspection to the top of the tank. This is an additional cost. The ladder kit is made from galvanised steel and aluminium and is connected to the outside wall of the tank. It can be fitted to any galvanised steel tanks that comes with a galvanised steel roof. Please contact us on 0121 351 3230 if you’d like to order the ladder kit.

Do you offer an installation service?
We can also offer you an installation service if required, where we will supply and construct your galvanised steel tank for you. Please contact us on 0121 351 3230 if you’d like us to install your tank for you.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 24000 litres

Cover Type: Anti Algae

Product Details

Diameter (mm):

Height (mm):

Weight (kg):

Capacity (litres): 24000 litres

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Installation Service

We also offer an installation service for our stormwater attenuation, rainwater harvesting, water storage and sewage treatment solutions.

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