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20 Person Klargester Bioficient 5 sewage treatment plant w/1m inlet (Gravity)

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This Klargester BioFicient 5 sewage treatment plant is specially designed to be a shallow dig, off-mains solution for up to 20 people.

Features and Benefits

High performance and low maintanence
Minimal visual impact
Easy installation
Can be installed in trafficked areas (structural advice required)

Typical Applications:

Single & Multiple Homes
Barn Conversion
Small Office Development
Stable Yard Toilet
Offices & Light Industrial Premises

Full Description

The Kingspan Klargester BioFicient treatment plant provides a reliable and effective solution for domestic application without access to mains drainage. The BioFicient is manufactured from high quality Polyethylene and GRP and uses the latest treatment technology to delivery a high level of water discharge quality. Comprising of three treatment zones within a ‘Uni-tank’ design, the moving aerated media process used is a compact development of the traditional process and provides a more effective and complete means of sewage treatment.

The BioFicient is suitable for shallow dig requirements, with minimal visual impact. Installation is relatively easy, only requiring a small digger due to its lightweight and unique design features, saving on-site time and expenses.

Product Benefits:

Suitable for Shallow Dig Installations
Robust and Lightweight
High Performance, efficient treatment technology
Low Power Consumption
Minimal Visual impact with a lockable child-proof cover – safe for children and pets.
An extension neck is available to allow for deeper installation on difficult sites
Modern design makes access fro desludging is easier through the wide neck
BioFicient comes fully supplied with control panel, externally sited air blower and loss of pressure alarms as standard
BS EN 12566 Part 3 tested and approved
Industry leading NH4 (ammonia) removal.
Fully CE marked in line with CPR 2013.

Technical Specification

No. of people: 20

Shortname: 20 Person w/1m inlet

Diameter: 1920mm

Outlet: Gravity

Outlet Invert: 1130mm

Material: GRP

Inlet Invert: 1000mm

Length (mm): 4390mm

Cover Sizes: 900mm

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