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15 Person CAP15 Sewage Treatment Plant

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£5,004.60 (£4,170.50 ex VAT)
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The Harlequin CAP15, compact sewage treatment plant, is specifically designed to treat domestic sewage in a simple and compact system making sure it is safe to be discharged into a watercourse such as a river or a stream. It is suitable for domestic installations of up to 15 people. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind.


Full Description

Manufactured from durable Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) material, the CAP15 is one of the most stable and easy to install sewage treatment plants. It’s unique bio media system delivers a pollutant removal level of 96.2% whilst also combatting common problems associated with small packaged domestic plants. Contemporary design engineering and analysis software and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities combine to create this unique product which dominates the domestic sewage treatment plant market. Market-leading performance, easy installation, super quiet operation, low maintenance costs, reliable bio media system and durability are all qualities that make the product best suited for a wide range of off-mains sewage treatment requirements.

CAP15 comes in both gravity and pumped outlet versions. Its equipped with an external blower for optimal performance. The blower is conveniently located in a weatherproof aboveground external housing. This compact system comes with a 2-year warranty (only when product is registered on our website) and is certified for use in the UK in compliance with EN12566-3.

•Tank body moulded in one piece from durable Medium Density Polyethylene Material (MDPE)
•110mm inlet and outlet connections
•110mm services duct
•Integrated lifting eyes for ease of handling and installation
•Fully secured 600x450mm pedestrian duty flush fitting manhole cover to comply with statutory regulations
•Above ground air blower housing delivers more reliable and efficient operation; allows easy access for maintenance
•Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system ensures there is no fixed media, eliminating blockages
•Easy access to the bubble diffuser within the tank
•Compact size and lightweight ensures lower installation costs
•Super quiet when installed correctly
•12-month service period reduces operating costs
•Mechanically reliable with no moving parts or electrics within the tank
•Certified for use in UK in compliance with EN12566-3

Technical Specification

No. of people: 15

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