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12 Person Rewatec Solido Smart +P Sewage Treatment Plant

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£6,860.65 (£5,717.21 ex VAT)
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£6,860.65 (£5,717.21 ex VAT)
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  • Wastewater treatment and clarification in a single tank
  • Proven sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology
  • 90% phosphorus removal
  • 75% nitrogen removal
  • Quick installation
  • Highly robust and durable design
  • Highly efficient
  • Time controlled dosing for optimal results
  • Limits the production of algae and eutrophication
  • Protects ecosystems and our environmen

The Rewatec Solido Smart can be supplied as Gravity or Pumped outlet with a 15m capsule cable or a 30m capsule cable.

    Full Description

    The Rewatec Solido Smart +P provides the perfect wastewater treatment solution for areas where very low levels of phosphorus and/or nitrogen are required.
    By using a very small dose of polyaluminium chloride (commonly used in swimming pools), alongside aeration, this sewage treatment plant can achieve 90% phosphorus removal (including phosphates) and 75% nitrogen removal (including nitrates) from wastewater.
    Combined with proven sequencing batch reactor technology to optimise the efficiency of wastewater treatment, this robust and reliable sewage treatment plant provides a cost-effective solution to protect our rivers, lakes and ecosystems and to preserve our environment.
    The Rewatec Solido Smart +P range of sewage treatment plants provide typical treatment results of:
    • Total Nitrogen (including nitrates): 75% removal
    • Total Phosphorus (including phosphates): 90% removal

    Technical Specification

    No. of people: 12

    Height (mm): 2625-3035

    Outlet: Gravity/pumped

    Inlet Invert: 700mm

    Width (mm): 2010

    Length (m): 2400

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    We can also offer an installation service for our stormwater attenuation, rainwater harvesting, water storage and sewage treatment solutions. Get in touch here.

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