6 Person Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment Plant (IPS)

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  • Tested to BSEN12566:3 and CE-marked to ensure compliance with latest environmental and Building Regulations requirements
  • Class-leading effluent quality of 11.5:19.2:8.4 (BOD:SS:NH4 ) ensures discharges well within national consent standards
  • Three chamber system correctly sized for separation and retention of solids improves final effluent quality
  • Standard or shallow options enable suitability for all site conditions (including driveways – subject to plinth/surround to prevent superimposed loadings)
  • Shallow option ideal for groundworks involving bedrock or high water table as the low profile allows for safe, cost effective installation
  • Low energy compressors ensure minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs
  • High specification bio-media (310m3 per m2 ) and membrane diffusers ensure even circulation to eliminate ‘dead spots’
  • Internal recirculation (from final to primary chamber) continues treatment process to provide higher effluent quality whilst balancing flow over 24 hour period or periods of intermittent use
  • Integral lifting eyes for improved on-site handling
  • Unique ‘keying-in’ lip to assist anchoring into granular or concrete surround
  • Optional extras include patented Polylok filter to further reduce suspended solids and extend life of drainage field; extensions for deep installations; pumped outlets for sites with adverse levels; and many more


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Package Sewage Treatment Plant’s (or PSTP’s) are regularly an appropriate choice where groundwater in the vicinity of the environment is powerless, seepage field permeation qualities are prohibitive, or direct release to waterway or surface water sewer is the preferred release technique.

Notwithstanding the anaerobic absorption occurring in the essential settlement tank (as septic tanks) the Ensign unit permits the cleared up water to go into a second “air circulation” chamber where it is dealt with to expel the broken up constituents. Here oxygen consuming microscopic organisms, upheld by diffused air and versatile media, guarantee full treatment is accomplished before the treated emanating (and ‘sloughed off’ microscopic organisms) stream to a last settlement chamber before release.



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