A new take on pipe

Pipe used to maximise play and enhance fitness

Playground pipe

If you’re looking for large PVC plastic pipe to invigorate a children’s playground or to add new stunts to a sports complex, then look no further.

Our durable and very strong HDPE playground pipe is ideal for playgrounds, amusement parks, ski centres, skate parks, bike parks etc. It’s also used as a fitness pipe by some of the UK’s leading outdoor fitness classes to add another dimension to their obstacle courses.

Just some of the benefits of our playground and fitness pipe

Weatherproof & hard wearing

Can withstand tough weather conditions and is therefore suitable both for inside and outside environments.  As this product is manufactured from ultra strong HDPE pipe, it is hard wearing and will remain functional and safe for years to come.

Made to order shapes, colours and sizes

We can work with you to design the pipe that fits with your aesthetic, in order to fit with any theme or colour scheme.

Lightweight and easy to handle

Groovy Pipe is surprisingly lightweight making for easy handling, transportation and lifting.

Unique & innovative

Groovy Pipe is a new and innovative addition to the market. We are the only company currently who manufactures play equipment from large diameter HDPE twin wall pipe.

Attractive & eye catching

Ultimately, a play area needs to be eye catching in order to draw in families and children. playground equipment also needs to be attractive to meet community objectives and appeal more to the target audience. Groovy Pipe achieves this through offering a range of attractive colour schemes and inventive shapes and sizes.

Strong, durable & safe

This product is extremely strong and can withstand over 100 tonnes*.  This means that you can enjoy peace of mind in terms of safety and durability.

Interested to know more?

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