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PVC Lateral Connection Y Saddle - 45 Degree Angle - 110mm, 160mm to 400mm

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£139.96 (£116.63 ex VAT)

The VIPSeal PVC Y Saddle connects 110mm or 160mm lateral pipes to larger ones, offering versatility across various materials and wall thicknesses. Available in 45° and 90° options, these couplings withstand up to 0.5 bar of internal pressure, ensuring reliable performance. Secured with straps, they create a tight seal for durable connections.

  • Durable coupling compatible with various pipe materials & sizes
  • Constructed from EPDM, PVC & 304 stainless steel for maximum performance
  • Available for both 45° and 90° lateral connections
  • Capable of withstanding internal pressure of 0.5 bar
  • Provides a secure seal

Full Description

The VIPSeal PVC Y Saddle Lateral Connection offers an innovative solution for connecting lateral pipes of 110mm or 160mm outer diameter to larger smooth wall pipes. Compatible with concrete, vitrified clay, and PVC pipes of any wall thickness, these saddles demonstrate exceptional versatility across various applications. Available in both 45° and 90° configurations, they provide installation flexibility. With proper installation, these couplings withstand internal pressures of up to 0.5 bar, ensuring reliable performance. The saddle creates a secure seal, firmly fastened with straps encircling the main pipe's outer surface, guaranteeing a tight and durable connection.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 160mm to 400mm

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