Fuel Storage Tanks

Our Fuel Storage Tanks are manufactured by Harlequin and can be used for agricultural and industrial applications, ranging from 430 litres to 5,000 litres plus. Cotterill Civils have a number of fuel tanks for sale, in both portable and non-portable designs, including BioBund tanks, which are designed for connection to BioDiesel dispensing units (BioFuel Stations) and for use at installations incorporating fixed combustion appliances. The first choice in on-site refuelling and dispensing and storage tanks suited to commercial, industrial and agricultural installations, Harlequin Fuel Points and Storage Tanks provide a simple and easy to use solution to fuel storage and dispensing, with the added bonus of featuring high quality mouldings and materials. The ideal option for fuel storage, our tanks are available in a wide range of specifications and colours, and Cotterill Civils also offer vital accessories such as the Bund spillage detecting monitor alarm to complete your order: a great piece of equipment that enables you to check for the presence of liquid inside the bunded area of your tank. The presence of liquid can be a result of liquid forming from a gas or a state change from gas to liquid, oil leaks or maybe even an overfill. Call us today on 0121 351 3230 to discuss your requirements.

  • Harlequin Evo 1200ITT Low Profile Bunded Oil Tank (top outlet) Image

    Harlequin Evo 1200ITE Low Profile Bunded Oil Tank (top outlet)

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    Length: 1,900mm
    Width: 1,600mm
    Height: 950mm
    Weight: 125KG
    Nominal Capacity: 1,251 litres


    The 1200ITE is supplied with the following features:

    • Electronic oil monitor
    • 32mm Gauge fitting point
    • Bottom outlet fitting kit / top outlet fitting kit
    • 2″ fill point
    • 4″ lockable inspection point
    • Lockable manhole access
    • 1″ BSP (F) outlet connection
    • Vent
    • LRC failsafe overfill prevention probe
    • Anti-theft tank sticker, displaying the message ‘THIS TANK IS ALARMED!’

    £1,390.80 inc VAT
    (£1,159.00 ex VAT)

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