Bypass Fuel and Oil Separators

Every bypass fuel and oil separator from Cotterill Civils is manufactured by one of the UK’s top brands – Clearwater and Klargester, and we offer options that can be used in a variety of sectors. Our separators will prevent your oil spills contaminating watercourses and groundwater. Complete with oil alarms and auto closure devices, you can rest assured that our separators will protect you. Our Bypass Separators range in size from 1000sqm to 20,000sqm. Bypass separators fully treat all flows generated by rainfall rates of up to 6.5mm/hr. This covers over 99% of all rainfall events. Flows above this rate are allowed to bypass the separator. These separators are used when it is considered an acceptable risk not to provide full treatment for high flows, for example where the risk of a large spillage and heavy rainfall occurring at the same time is small. In order to discuss our range and to find the oil water separator that is best for you, please call our team today on 0121 351 3230 and receive a free quote. We will deliver your oil separator tank and our lengthy guarantees will ensure that you have full peace of mind. We are available to talk through your options with you from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Harlequin 2,500 Litre Waste Oil Tank

    0 out of 5

    Height: 1,575mm
    Length: 2,460mm
    Width: 1,435mm
    Nominal Capacity: 2,442 Litres
    Brimful Capacity: 2,571 Litres
    Weight: 210KG


    (£1,402.80 incl VAT)
  • Harlequin HQI 2500 Horizontal Bunded Oil Tank

    0 out of 5

    Length: 2,460mm
    Width: 1,435mm
    Height: 1,470mm
    Weight: 210KG
    Nominal Capacity: 2,442 litres


    The 2500HQi is supplied with the following features:

    • 33mm drilled and plugged gauge hole
    • 2″ fill point
    • 4″ lockable inspection point
    • lockable manhole access
    • 1″ BSP (F) outlet connection
    • Vent
    • Contents dipstick (Not available on 350 litre models or models over 3500 litres)
    (£1,606.80 incl VAT)
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