Drainage Pipe & Culverts

Our drainage pipes and culverts can be used for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. We offer a range of products including Land Drainage Coil, Twin Wall Pipe, Large Diameter HDPE Structured Wall Pipe, Galvanised Steel Pipe, Irrigation pipe and Culvert Crossing and Ditch Piping, which includes Concrete Pipe. Our Land Drainage Coil is available in sizes 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 160mm and supported by junctions, connectors and headwalls. Our most popular sizes are…Our Twin Wall Pipe is manufactured in both plastic (HDPE) and galvanised steel and ranges in sizes from 100mm to 600mm (nominal). Our most popular sizes are…The Large Diameter HDPE Structured Wall Pipe is available in Diameters from 750mm to 3500mm, the most popular sizes being… Our Galvanised Steel Pipe can be manufactured up to 14m length and diameters from 1m to 3.6m, the most popular size being… Our drainage products are designed to Improve your soil structure, yields and profitability with our range of land drainage pipes, all backed by the UK’s longest guarantees.

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