Concrete Inspection Chambers

A precast concrete inspection chamber offers you the ability to inspect and work on sections of underground pipe without having to dig them up – and by installing them at regular intervals, you can use them to monitor and maintain an entire network of subterranean pipes.

Concrete Inspection chambers are often provided precast, so all you need to do is install them into the ground and into your piping system. This is best accomplished with a new pipeline, before everything else has been installed and used, but it is possible with an existing pipeline. The precast sections of concrete fit together the same way that a manhole ring would fit together, with a groove-and-tongue joint and can be sealed with either concrete mortar or a bitumen sealant to render it completely waterproof.

At Cotterill Civils, our concrete inspection chamber covers are made to lie flush with the surface of the ground and come with a non-slip textured finish and lifting points that allow easy removal with standard lifting tools, making the inspection chamber as safe and simple to use as possible.

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